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Specialty Courses

Become more comfortable and better prepared for any type of diving with SSI and Neptune Specialty courses. Each course will provide you with the proper knowledge and skills to become a more experienced diver.

Night & Limited Visibility

Day or night, limited visibility can be an adventure. On a night dive the colorful nocturnal marine life come out making for a new experience on the same dive site. Being land locked as we are, being comfortable in a limited visibility environment can open up many more dive sites to discover. You will learn what equipment you need and how to prepare for this type of dive.

Digital Underwater Photography

With the skills taught in this class, Learn how to select the right camera system to meet your needs and what it can do, understand the challenges that underwater photography may offer and how to overcome them. Learn composition and some creative editing skills that can give you those shots to brag about.

Enriched Air Nitrox

Learn about the advantages of Nitrox, how to use the Nitrox dive tables to allow you to have shorter surface intervals because of the reduced fraction of nitrogen in your breathing gas. You can improve your safety margins and feel less fatigued at the end of the day.

Drysuit Diving

How can a drysuit improve your comfort level? Many types of suits and undergarments can be combined to make the perfect fitting suit for you. Learn how to adjust your buoyancy and diving skills to accommodate the warm dry world of drysuit diving. With just a little training you can enjoy diving in colder water as you never have before.

Equipment Techniques

Learn many of the ins and outs of how your equipment works and what the difference’s are in the wide variety of SCUBA equipment offered. Also understand how to better care for your gear and why proper maintenance is so important.


Use natural navigation and compass navigation to be more comfortable, confident diver. Increase your possibility of adventure when you know you can make your way back from any dive. Learn to choose the best underwater compass to fit your needs.

Upcoming Specialty Lessons

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