Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

SSI - Scuba Schools International - - Learn To Scuba Dive
 At Neptune Divers we want your learning experience to be fun, and with the way Scuba Schools international has designed their training it will be. Open Water is the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of your underwater adventure. This is the level a person would need to have to  purchase or rent scuba equipment, obtain air fills, and go out on dive excursions. As an open water diver you will learn all the skills necessary to be a comfortable diver and a good dive buddy. The open water course consist of 6 class/pool sessions, and 2 days of open water dives. During the class and pool sessions you will start with the very basics of snorkeling and then onto the scuba skills, such as assembling your scuba equipment, clearing your mask and regulator, and learning how to do dive tables so you can be a safe diver. One advantage of taking your classes at Neptune Divers is that we have an onsite indoor pool, where you can test dive masks and fins to ensure you purchase the correct equipment. Upon completing class each night you will be asked to sign that you understood that night of class, if not you will have the chance review with the instructor and see what steps need to be taken to make you feel like you are ready to proceed.

At Neptune we keep our class size small, the average class has only 6 students, with that we will put an Instructor and Assistant Instructor to make sure we have a low student to instructor ratio. Our instructors love the sport of Scuba Diving and can not wait to share this adventure with you.


SSI’s modular, six-session teaching system includes a video, manual, text book, dive log and dive tables. And with SSI’s home study approach, you will be able to minimize your time in the classroom allowing for more time in the water developing ability and comfort.


In multiple pool and open water session, you will practice scuba skills with SSI’s exclusive Comfort Through Repetition teaching method. Some of the skills you will learn include:

  • Moving in the water with ease
  • Breathing normally under water
  • Controlling buoyancy so you descend or ascend comfortably
  • The easiest ways to enter and exit the water
  • Getting water out of your mask or mask clearing


Since you can’t dive without equipment, there is extensive information on scuba equipment including:

  • Selecting the best diving equipment for your needs and budget
  • Maintaining and adjusting your equipment to extend its life and improve performance

Course Includes

  • 6 lecture and pool classes (in our warm indoor pool)
  • 6 open water dives (two days)
  • small class sizes (student-teacher ratio will not exceed 6:1)
  • Digital Training Materials
  • snorkeling gear for the first few pool sessions is provided
  • SCUBA gear is provided for the entire class
  • 1/2 price on first SCUBA gear rental within the first 60 days of certification
  • Digital certification card awarded upon course completion.
  • special student discounts on all purchases at our dive center.

Upcoming Open Water Lessons

March 6
Tuesdays & Thursdays · 3 Weeks
April 2
Mondays & Wednesdays · 3 Weeks
March 28
Wednesdays & Saturdays · 3 Weeks
March 24
Saturdays & Sundays · 3 Weeks
March 5
Mondays & Wednesdays · 3 Weeks
February 22
Thursdays · 6 Weeks