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Did you know that 70% of our planet lies beneath the surface of the water? Immerse yourself into the fun, amazing sport of SCUBA diving. Enjoy the incredible plants and animals underwater after attending a professional, comprehensive SCUBA course where safety is emphasized and your personal needs are our top priority.

We offer a full range of SCUBA diving certification. From beginning open water SCUBA diving certification to advanced instructor and specialty classes, Neptune has you covered.

Call or come in to check availability and pricing on classes.

We dive Seabase for our Open Water Dives, what a perfect training facility they provide.

Upcoming Lessons

Open Water

March 6
Tuesdays & Thursdays · 3 Weeks
April 2
Mondays & Wednesdays · 3 Weeks
March 28
Wednesdays & Saturdays · 3 Weeks
March 24
Saturdays & Sundays · 3 Weeks
March 5
Mondays & Wednesdays · 3 Weeks
February 22
Thursdays · 6 Weeks


Scuba Ranger
April 5
Kids Snorkeling Class
March 27
Perfect Bouyancy
April 20
Try Scuba
April 21
Try Scuba
March 18
Perfect Bouyancy
March 22
Night & Limited Visibility
April 6
Enriched Air Nitrox
March 20
Turtle Ecology
March 13
March 8