Service and Repair

Service and Repair

How often should you service your equipment?

Most manufacturers recommend every year to have it checked out and every other to have it rebuilt but there are a lot of variables that go into that decision such as number of dives, previous maintenance, make, model, and overall care. Our suggestion is to never use your equipment if you do not trust it with your life.

It is less expensive and safer to service your equipment annually than to wait for it to fail. Let our fully trained and certified repair technicians keep your SCUBA diving equipment in safe and reliable working condition.

We can service in house any manufacture we carry or can have serviced almost any that we do not.

All tank inspections from Neptune are done to meet PSI, OSHA, and CGA standards for both your safety and ours.

Yes we do, and Yes we can fill all your air holding cylinders (No CO2 tanks) from low pressure SCBA’s to high pressure 4500 air bank tanks, and everything in between, including paint ball tanks. As long as your tank is current on visual inspection and Hydrostatic test or both if needed and if for SCUBA must be accompanied by a certification card then we can get you full.

Pre-TripCheck for free flows, pressure and minor adjustments, no disassemble or cleaning. No disassemble or cleaning. $25
RebuildFirst and Second Stage: disassemble completely, clean all metal parts ultrasonically, reassemble and replace any worn parts. Adjust and tune to factory specifications. $30 per stage + parts
Full Face mask Rebuild $40 + parts
Pre-Trip $15
Rebuild $20 + parts

Air intergrated BC $30 + parts

Hydro, Visual and Fill $50
Visual and Fill $20
Valve Rebuild $30 + parts