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Scuba Rangers Kids Camps

SSI’s Scuba Rangers program is one of the world’s best-developed scuba and snorkeling programs for children. Diving school designed for children aged 8 to 12, Scuba Rangers classes are safe, taught only by instructors specifically trained in the Rangers program, and will introduce your child to the wonders of the water in a gentle, multi-faceted… read more »

Jake’s Photo Tips – Update

Ok it’s been a few years now since I last covered the subject of photography with a (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy in hopes to help out anyone with questions. With the changes in gear and the new questions we get daily it seems like its time to cover some things again. I don’t think… read more »

Pre-Season SpearFishing Clinic

  Lets Play with the SpearGuns! Join us for our Pre-Season Spearfishing Clinic and a little friendly competition on May 19th at 5pm at the Neptune Divers pool. Practice your skills before the season starts or try it for the first time. Scuba certified or not all are welcome to attend. We will provide the equipment; all… read more »

Kids Snorkeling Class

Trust Me! Kids LOVE the water, especially when they have the right equipment and skills. Garrett, is Neptune’s very own Snorkeling Specialist and the kids adore him. Schedule your own private snorkel lesson, starting at only $35 per kid when there are 2 or more. Reservations may be called in at (801)466-9630. Watch for Monthly… read more »

Stress Rescue

Stress Rescue is the class in which I feel I became a diver. My comfort level increased a great deal and I became more prepared for dive scenarios that may arise.  In this class you will learn to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater. You will also need to have 1st… read more »

Jake’s Underwater Photo Tips

People are always asking us how they can get better underwater shots. So I would like to take some time to cover some points on this subject that should help you out. Please keep in mind I am not a professional photographer but have learned what works for me over the past ten years. There… read more »

Help for a Friend!

Good Friends, We all know that person that always seems to have a smile on their face, a joke to share, a caring gesture, or a kind word. The person that will bend over backwards to help you out and make sure you are taken care of. That good friend to us is Jim Mapes, he… read more »

Neptune Welcomes the GoPro Camera

  Waterbaby Package $581 GoPro Camera LCD BacPac Ultra Light TR-D Handle Flat Port Housing Tri-Pod Adaptor Color Filter Neptune Divers is now an authorized stocking dealer for the world famous GoPro cameras, one of the most versital go anywhere cameras there is. Mount the camera almost anywhere and share with someone a taste of… read more »

August Dive-A-Long Review

We dove one of the staff favorites this last weekend. Fish Lake lived up to it reputation. We camped at the Mackinaw campground, which was a beautiful site with a gorgeous view of the Lake.  A very short drive from camp was the Twin Creek, day use area, which made for a perfect shore dive,… read more »

August Dive-A-Long

August is going to take us back to one of the favorites of Utah Divers. Fish Lake offers some great diving with an abundance of fish. We are planning to dive on both Saturday August 13th and Sunday, August 14th. Meet at the Mackinaw campground, site #28 on the 13th at 10am to proceed to… read more »