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Belize May 2010 – Review

We took a group of 30 to Belize and stayed at Ramon’s Village. One of the first things I noticed was that the staff was the same as our trip three year before, right down to the guy that picked us up at the airport. The accommodations at Ramon’s are fantastic, the rooms are clean and covered with grass roofs. The restaurant has a great menu and provided some great meals for our all inclusive meal package.

Diving could not be more convenient, the dive dock is located right off the beach of the resort. Dive lockers are there so you can leave your dive gear close to the boat. Morning daily 2 tank boat dives and optional afternoon dives give you ample opportunity to see the dives of Ambergris Cay. Each time I have been to Belize I am impressed with the Nurse sharks, usually when you see them it is one and they are laying under a ledge. Here you jump into the water and are often greeted by 3 or 4 swimming around, and often join you on varies parts of your dive.

We will definitely be back for another week with the great staff of Ramon’s Village.

See more Photos and the Video of our week.

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